Appointment Questions

How do I make an appointment?

First step is to make sure you read our Appointment Policies here. Once you finish reading that, click HERE to sign our terms and conditions. After you're done with those, you can click THIS link and scroll down to pick the appointment type that you want. Then after selecting the procedure you want to have, a calendar will come out with ALL the available slots for the next 2 months. If the date you want to book is more than 2 months away, the online calendar will not show available slots. We only open the calendar 2 months at a time. If the date you want to book is less than 2 months away and you don't see any available slots, that means those dates are already fully booked.

I cannot see any available dates on your calendar. Please do something and fit me into your schedule.

Thank you for wanting to have your procedure/s done with us. We are truly humbled by all the bookings that we receive and we appreciate the patience of all out clients in wating for slots to open up. 1. Make sure the date you want is not 2 months out. We don't accept bookings more than 2 months away. 2. If no earlier dates are available on the website, it means that we're fullybooked. The online system is updated in real time and will be our basis for appointments. Note from Pauline: Please don't get mad at my staff when they tell you there aren't any available slots earlier than what's on the website. We do our best to accommodate everyone, sometimes it just happens that some people book earlier than others. Best you can do is book the earliest date that you see on the website, then give us a call after and be asked to put on the waitlist so incase anyone reschedules, you can have the slot. But I'll be honest, we rarely get cancellations so if you decide to be put on the waitlist but not book the earliest date you saw, you might get an even later date.

Why are there limited slots or appointments available?

Pauline Ylaya-Andrade, owner of Permanent Makeup Manila personally does each and every permanent makeup procedure from start to finish. This means she can only accommodate a limited number of people per day. This results in limited slots but this also means each and every client gets consistent and professional results by Pauline.

Why do I need to make a deposit to get an appointment?

We used to not take a deposit, but then we had 2 or 3 days where half of the clients did not show up for their appointments. The slots were left unused and we lost income for those days. We started to take a non-refundable 50% booking fee at the time of scheduling the appointment to ensure that clients are serious about their appointments. We give our clients the freedom to choose the time and date of their appointments trusting that they clear their schedules, seeing as we do the same.

Why do you cancel appointments IF we arrive later than 20 minutes?

Our schedule everyday is very tight, we have clients the entire day and if 1 person is late, this creates a domino effect and it affects the whole day's schedule. Say you arrive late then we finish late, that means the client booked after you will have to start late and finish late, and so on. Regardless of unforeseen circumstances that may arise which could force you to postpone/reschedule your procedure, please understand that such changes affect not only me, but other clients as well. Please try to be inside the studio 5 minutes before your appointment. We don't consider the parking lot part of the studio ;)

I need to reschedule my appointment. What do I need to do?

We require 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment otherwise your booking fee will be forfeited and you will need to pay a new booking fee to make a new appointment. Call the studio or send an email to Please contact us during Manila office hours Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm). Rescheduling will not be done through social media. We will give you the earliest available schedule once you pick a new date, all terms and conditions will apply to the new date.

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