Microblading is a way of implanting a small amount of pigment between the dermis and the epidermis using tightly grouped micro-needles which leaves thin realistic hair strokes for the most natural finish.

Together we design a brow which is totally bespoke to you – your colour will be mixed from the highest quality pigments just for you. With this method Pauline Ylaya can create almost any look, from a very natural light finish or a beautifully bold brow.

Microblading originated in Asia and is also known as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow stranding, 3D Brows, 4D Brows or 6D Brows.


Pauline delicately draws on each hair individually and blends it perfectly with the client's own hair creating natural looking eyebrows. This is very natural and realistic look. This procedure is done manually without the use of tattoo machines. 


This is done using a machine made in Israel. Pigments are blended in a gradient creating a powdered eyebrow look. This looks more defined than Hyperreal Eyebrows. This is a softly made-up look. 

Ombre Powdered Brows after the procedure, No Makeup
Ombre Powdered Brows after the procedure, No Makeup
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