Procedure FAQs

How do I choose what eyebrow procedure to do?

Based on experience here are the guidelines that work best. 6D Hyperreal Eyebrow Embroidery (Microblading) - Best for clients with clear, smooth skin - Best for clients who generally have hair all throughout the brow - Best for clients who can come in for touchup before 6 months - Not good for clients with acne prone or oily skin - Not good for clients who sweat a lot, who go to the gym a lot - Not good for clients who love going under the sun/beach/pool - Not good for clients who have almost no hair, or for clients WITH VERY thick hair. Soft Powdered Brows or Combination Brows - Good for clients with oily/combination skin - Good for clients who work out a lot - Good for clients with short brows - Good for clients with no brow hair Starting November 2018 there will be only 1 option for brows on our online booking system. This way, you and Pauline will decide which procedure to do. Please be guided by the notes above, if you want one kind but are not a good candidate, be open to the idea of doing the recommended procedure.

What happens when we get to the studio?

1. You fill up forms. 2. We put numbing cream on you. 3. We take before photos. 4. We draw the shape. 5. We start the tattoo. 6. We check to see if the brows are even. 7. We do finishing touches. 8. We take after photos. 9. We give you aftercare instructions.

Will the procedure hurt?

This varies from person to person. Majority of our clients feel little to no pain but there is a small percentage of people who feel more pain.

What should I do/not do DURING the procedure?

- Do keep still. Don't fidget. Try to not move through out the procedure. - Do listen to instructions. Open or close your eyes when told. - Bring a shawl or jacket if you get cold easily. We don't provide blankets for hygiene reasons. - Do wear something comfortable. Do wear something you don't mind getting ink on because sometimes ink splats happen. Avoid wearing white. - Please don't wear perfume. - Do not bring infants/small children to the studio. Limit your companion to 1 person. Companions will not be allowed in the procedure area.

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