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For best results, the brow procedure that will be done on you will depend on your skin type, existing brow hair, and  lifestyle.


Please read through the description per brow style. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

If you are unsure of what brow procedure to take, you can discuss further with your artist on the day of your procedure.

When coming for your procedure make sure your skin is not sunburned, not actively peeling, not dry or flaky. Make sure that you have not active breakouts in and around the area to be worked on.


We cannot tattoo over skin that is peeling or is very dry.


Drink lots of water days leading up to your procedure.

No alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. 



- Best procedure for clients with oily/combination skin.

- Good for clients who work out a lot.

- Good for clients with short brows (no tail)

- Good for clients with little to no brow hair.

- Hairstrokes in front and Powdered brows on the middle to end part of the brow.

- Good for clients who cannot come in for a touchup session before 6 months.

- You will need to remove all brow hairs that grow outside the tattoo.

- Hairstrokes will fade faster on clients with oily skin.



Also known as Microblading

- Best for clients with clear, smooth skin

- Best for clients who generally have hair all throughout the brow.

- Best for clients who can come in for touchup before 6 months.

- Not good for clients with acne prone or oily skin or clients with visible pores on the brow area. 

- Not good for clients who sweat a lot, who go to the gym a lot

- Not good for clients who love going under the sun/beach/pool.

- Not good for clients who have almost no hair, or for clients WITH VERY thick hair.

- Will not replace makeup. Will give you the look of fuller brows.

- You will need to remove all hairs outside the tattoo.


Soft and Smokey Eyeliner

Natural and soft looking eyeliner. never harsh.


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